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    Ranking on calculated field, multiple data sources

    Frantisek Trenkler



      I would really appreciate some help with operations on a calculated field with multiple sources.


      I have a file with 2 data sources. First one shows number of specific calls for agent by date, second one shows total number of calls by agent, by date.


      I created a calculated field that shows percentage of calls by agent out of total call by that agent:


      SUM([Number of Records])/SUM([Total Calls].[Calls])


      In sheet "Percentage" I am blending the 2 data sources by agent ID and date to display percentage of calls by agent by date. This works fine:




      I would like to create a table with Ranking of Percentage of calls. One for the whole table and one by week (so vertical). So for example for "Total" Mark Carter on 10/2 would be #1 with 44.44%, Kimberly Green on 10/9 would be #2 with 13.33%, etc. For "By week" for example the week of 10/30 Bruce Willis would be #1 with 12.50% and Barbara Davis with Betty Clark would be #2 with 11.11%


      No matter what I do I can't get it to work. Everytime I do a "Ranking" calculation it seems to be performing it on the "Total Calls" value as opposed to "Calls / Total Calls".


      Thank you