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    How to apply an action filter through several dashboards using different datasources?

    Raquel Oliveira

      Hi, guys!


      I'd like to ask for you help on an issue I'm facing on a Workbook I'm building...


      It's a workbook that uses different sources (mainly a MongoDB based one (that is composed by several other datasources), but also Google Analytics, MySQL, and others).


      On the datasources that come from MongoDB, I have a common key between them: the user ID.


      My issue is: when I click on an action filter in a dashboard, it filters the worksheets contained on it as expected. But I also need that all other worksheets contained in the other dashboards also modify according to that action filter. However, even though they have a common field (user ID), they don't use the same datasource.


      Also, I have already tried blending data, creating parameters, creating new action filters through "Dashboard > Actions > Add Actions"... Nothing has worked


      Does anyone know if it is possible to achieve what I'm attempting to do?


      Ps.: I'm using Tableau Desktop 10.1.1


      Thank you guys soooo much in advance!



      Raquel Oliveira