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    Mapping Postcodes and showing count of transactions.

    Shaun Wells

      I have some sample data, which includes postcodes, country, city and a count of messages... What I would like to do is mark the postcode locations on a map and the number of messages sent between two locations and to draw a line between those to two locations.. I've managed to plot postcodes on a map and show the sum of messages, but I want to go one further and show how many messages have been sent between two different postcodes. So that when someone either hovers over that location or filters on a particular postcode range it's shows the number of messages sent from one to the other.


      If possible I would like to do this at a postcode level (globally) and then a higher level country 2 country (if possible) - So that a line is drawn from the US to all other countries that messages may have been sent to...


      Even better would to be able to show the number of messages per country, which I've done and to then click on one of the country's to show more detail - postcode to postcode.. I've not see any of how to drill further down into data, so that's why I'm asking the question. Attached is a copy of the data I'm working with.




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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Shaun


          Please start your journey on "Path" here

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            Shaun Wells

            I've read the Article and have found a few gaps, when adding longitude, latitude to the rows & columns - the article says to right click and select 'Dimension' this option does not seem to appear for me.. (I'm assuming this could be that the Data Source is possible not in the correct format)


            As I'm pulling my data from running a SQL query - how do people manage to get 'Origin-Destination' details on to separate rows ( so that it's similar to the examples) I can pull all the necessary date, but end with all data on one row, I'm still trying to work out how I can get the Data Source as per example.


            What format does the PATHID field need to be in, is this a simple String with no Geographical value set, it's not clear from the Article.