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    Actions on Multiple Data Sources

    Zeenat Goyal



      1. I have 11 datasources which are nothing but HANA Views, all have one ID present in all the views

      2. At tableau worksheet level, none of them are interconnected, they have different sources i.e. 11 Data Sources.

      3. one of the 11 Datasources, called HEADER contains only ID's and corresponding project name.

      4. At tableau Dashboard level, it is required that one of the ID is selected from HEADER and rest 10 worksheets will filter the data accordingly.


      Could you let me know how to achieve this functionality , I read few posts regarding Actions, but with actions also how would I co-relate multiple data sources.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Zeenat Goyal,


          Did you try to blend your data?

          Also, Tableau Desktop cannot identify what information to use for the action filter if the field used for blending is not included in the views that are affected by the action filter. You will need to place the field used for data blending in all worksheets that are being used as part of the action filter.

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            Zeenat Goyal

            Hello Lenaic,


            Thanks for the reply!

            1. I have achieved the required functionality but not using action filters.

            2. I have used Global parameters and global filter on ID.

            3. I applied a trick, I pulled the ID on the dashboard which is not the part of the requirement but made its size almost negligibly visible, so that it is present on the dashboard to capture the value from URL but shouldn't be seen as well as needed.