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    Tableau Server - Automate "Add Data To Extracts"

    john liptak

      I have a query that pulls data from 3 separate data sources (three different databases in fact).  The data is exactly the same format.  Currently, using Tableau desktop I can use the option "Add Data from Data source" as described here Add Data to Extracts to effectively get a union of the data (if I understand this correctly the data from the second and third data source is just appended to the end of the first data source)


      Is this possible to do the same thing using Tableau Server.  I want this process automated periodically because I want reports produced on the complete union of all the data.


      If this cant be done are there alternative ways to join data from 3 separate sources into a single data set.  It's not actually a join I'm after but a Union.  We're using Tableau 10.



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          Jeff Strauss

          Are you able to use tabcmd?  If so, there is a command within here called tabcmd publish append that may serve you well.


          tabcmd Commands

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            john liptak

            Thanks Jeff,

            I haven't explored the TabCMD option of doing this yet because I want this to happen automatically as part of a Tableau Job Schedule and I don't believe  you can use TabCMD in a schedule.  The problem I'm facing is that when the workbook is refreshed each of the 3 data sources is refreshed BUT they are never appended together on the server.  ie; the VIz shows only data from 1 source!!.  


            In Tableau 10 (desktop) this is done manually by right clicking on the data source then "Extract--> Append Data From Data Source".  But Server fails to do this when it refreshes.


            All I am trying to do is UNION 3 separate data sources together (3 different SQL databases) and have them auto refreshed weekly.  Same data structure/ data types.  This only seems possible in Excel using UNION as part of the SQL where you combine data from multiple sheets.  But I need this to happen across Databases.  I tried to Full Outer Join the databases but the desktop product does not seem to allow Full Joins.  So it seems to me that there is big Hole in Tableau.


            If anyone has any pointers (must be automated) then I'm all ears.