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    Tableau online - One specific user is unable to view any data where as all other viewers can see data which was alloted in their User access filters.

    Vamsi Krishna juturu



      I have created an user access criteria based on the region for nearly 20+ users.

      Almost all Tableau online users can see thier allotted data except one user (who can look the data only for one region).

      Desktop version of dashboard is working perfectly fine when i use that particular username in 'Filter as user' option.


      You can refer both screenshots of the dashboard

      Jenna Desktop : when the same username is selected in Desktop version

      Jenna Online: when the same user access the Online version by his/her login credentials.


      Is there anything that needs to be changed by Tableau online admin ?

      Let me know if you have any solution for this.


      Thank you,

      Vamsi Krishna Juturu