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    Advanced alert - users subscribing themselves

    Taku Kato

      Hi all,


      Currently, the bottleneck of the advanced alert I implemented is that users can't subscribe themselves to an advanced alert trigger viz.

      Well technically they CAN, but they won't receive the email as it was intended to.


      In my head, I am thinking about pulling subscription records (who subscribed to the trigger view) from the "Background Tasks" data source into the " Email To *" field but can't seem to wrap my head around how to do this...(maybe I'm doing it completely wrong)


      I've seen on some past posts about how users can subscribe themselves to an advanced alert but haven't been able to find any examples or how-to guides.


      Would anyone know as to how I could make this happen?

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          Matt Coles

          Hi Taku. That is actually by design. Advanced Alerts are designed for "pushing", not "pulling". Version 2.0 will actually email the subscriber to tell them that they can't subscribe to it.


          The question is, what is the goal behind the alert, and how does having people opt-in achieve it? You could certainly implement a mechanism whereby anyone interested in having some kind of custom content pushed to them / their team opt in by creating some data somewhere (possibly a Comment on the view?), then pull that data into your trigger viz as a filter criteria via blending, or if you're using 10.0 or higher, cross-database joins. The nice thing about using Comments, and pulling the data from the Tableau Server repository database, is that you've already authenticated the user--you know who posted what comment. If you simply allow people to opt-in via an Excel file or something, they could opt-in other people.


          While it's possible to use Subscriptions in the same way, I don't recommend it, since again, in VizAlerts 2.0 it will complain if they've subscribed to an Advanced Alert that they themselves don't own. Also, the Subscription data is a lot more complicated than Comments.


          Another option is to simply let the users who want the functionality build their own Advanced Alert, so they don't use yours at all. That may or may not be a good solution, depending on what you're trying to do here.

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            Taku Kato

            Thank you Matt for the quick response.


            I guess it was as complicated as I imagined...

            Thank you for the detailed answer.

            For now, I think we will stick with a Simple Alert since it is much easier for users to subscribe themselves to a trigger viz than have a "vizalerts admin" update the underlying advanced alert settings for adding members to send alerts to.

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              Matt Coles

              Are you doing extract refresh notifications?

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                Taku Kato

                Yes, it looks something like this.


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                  Matt Coles

                  Ah, I understand your use case now. Yes, I was contemplating doing the same exact thing when I started out with VizAlerts, but for failures. I ended up sticking with Simple alerts, too! Then I just got tired of telling people to opt-in just to monitor their own stuff, and started pushing them out to everyone with an Advanced alert. Different situation for successes, though. If it were me, and it was really important to allow opt-in on the alert, I'd go the Comment route with a different connection, then just use Data Blending to filter to records where the comment signifying an opt-in request exists. It wouldn't be too hard, but I understand if you want to keep things simpler. Let me know if you do want to try, happy to help--I've already built a data source out for Comments data that I've used for other stuff.


                  Either way, good luck!


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                    Taku Kato

                    So glad to hear I wasn't the only one struggling with this. haha

                    I've tried some really ambitious things but for failures as well.


                    Thank you so much Matt!

                    For now we'll stick to keeping it simple but I may ask for your help again in the future.


                    Kind Regards,