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    Panel Chart - Information Not Lining Up Correctly

    Ryan Qunell

      Hello Tableau Community,


      In the attached workbook, I am having trouble with a Doughnut chart (I know, I know… Real friends don't let friends use pie charts) in a Panel/Trellis layout.


      I have a Parameter [What View To Display] that controls at which level to view the data.  The chart works fine at the top two levels (1 & 2 Combined and 1 & 2 Separated).

      Once I select Specific 12(s) or Specific 37(s) from the Parameter the chart freaks out. 


      Problem 1

      The doughnut charts are separated out and split between the panels haphazardly (it appears to me at least) and no longer show as 1 doughnut chart.


      Problem 2

      As you go down the panel chart the data (pie charts) are indented further and further to the right.


      I have noticed that if I use the filters “The 37 (group)” and “The 37” in addition to the Parameter I can somewhat solve for Problem 1, but not fully (each individual chart will show
      correctly, and sometimes multiple charts, but not always).

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          Hello Ryan,


          Though not fully understanding all the calculation logics in your workbook,

          your two problems are caused by "Desired View" that you placed on Columns shelf.

          Check "show header" for "Desired View" on Columns shelf, and you will see the cause clearly.


          Drag "Desired View" from Columns shelf, and drop it onto the first "ATTR([Number of Records])" card (I mean the left one).

          Your two problems can be solved by this.

          While another problem appears, the size