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    How Can I hide the selected Row header information?

    Karen Hannum

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a bit of an issue with how users are perceiving something vs. what Tableau means.  So I would like to "turn off" or hide the information box that shows up when a user selects a row with a grand total column. This is what the user sees:



      The Grand Total column shows $96,892.  But the summary card shows SUM(Sales) 193,784. The observant user would note that there are 5 items selected not just the four product types and realize it is adding everything in the row.  Many users, however do not understand this or notice it and will fire off a note to the help desk asking why this is double what the grand total columns shows.  How do I hide this card?  It does not respond to hide tool tip options for the worksheet and honestly in many cases I do NOT want to hide the tool tips, just this aggregation information for the row.   I do not seem to be able to access it to change the datapoints or even to change to white on white. We even played with permissions on the server side.  Suggestions anyone?  Help desk crew understands why, but if we could keep them from calling in that would be best.