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    Tableau Not Showing All Geographic Data Points

    Seth Dunn



      I just noticed that when trying to display a file of 13,410 lat/lon pairs, Tableau is only displaying 13,384 of them...and I can't figure out why.  Unless I'm misunderstanding, the reason I know it's only displaying 13,384 is because in the bottom left-hand corner of the work area I see "13384 marks", which I'm assuming is the total number of points displayed on the map that Tableau is generating from the lat/lon pairs.


      I've verified the data source has 13,410 input records. 


      When looking at the data in Tableau's data source tab I see that the latitude and longitude have reduced precision; could this be the reason for the reduced number of marks?  Is this simply how Tableau chooses to display the data - by showing a reduced precision?


      Any help that can be provided is appreciated!


      Tableau version 10.1.1 on Mac OS X Sierra.