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    ISO Way to Always Only Display Last Two Periods After User Selection

    Mikhail Christiansen

      Hello everyone,


      I am using Tableau 9.3. I have attached a very simplified version of what I am trying to do.


      I want to have two views of a few key metrics. In one view, I want to see the metric for the current year and the previous year of the month that is selected by the issuer. In the next view, I want to see the metric for the given month and the previous month (month able to be modified by user).


      I am using Last() to only highlight the last two columns for each view and have appropriate calcs (I know yearly numbers are messed up in my sample workbook). In my actual workbook, they show a rolling total as of the month selected (YTD). This is a basic view of what I am showing:


      The user has the ability to alter a parameter that signifies which month they want to look at. The problem is that if I choose November instead of December, then my view becomes this:

      Is there a way that I can make the Monthly numbers shift to show two columns automatically, current=November (current user selection) and previous=October (user selection - 1)? My yearly numbers in my actual workbook are fine as long as it is in the current year, but after changing to 2013, for example, 2014 stays in the view but shows zeros.


      Please help.