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    Employee Avg by R3, R6, and R12 Periods

    Lee Forst

      I have a dataset that lists for each month the employees that were active.  For example, in June 2015 there were 133, in July there were 139, etc.  What I need to be able to have in the view is one row with the average number of employees for the time periods of R3, R6 and R12.  I've built a window_avg calc for each time period and that is what is in the attached example.  The November 2016 row shows the numbers I'm after.  The problem of course is if I remove the Period dimension, the calcs no longer work because the calcs cannot reference months properly.  I've tried building an LOD, but there are problems there too.  I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious, but I cannot figure this out.


      Thanks for any suggestions on how to solve this!


      Example built using v10