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    Caching outside the server?


      Hi everyone,


      Management have decided for us not to use Tableau Server for sharing content, and I can understand why. From an end user point of view, Tableau server doesn't feel like a finished product and doesn't look as good as when a dashboard is embedded in, say, SharePoint.


      I've read in some posts that embedded dashboards do not cache and so will not "speed up" with frequent use. Is this true?


      If this is the case it may be a deal breaker with regards to Tableau as it means that in order to get something looking good we have to sacrifice performance.


      Is there any alternative to the server or are there any tricks to customise it and make it look less like a file directory?


      Kind Regards,



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ed,


          It sounds like your organization has already made a decision however if that isn't the case, I suggest contacting your Tableau Account manager and starting a free trial of Tableau Server.  The features of Tableau Server are  outlined here Tableau Server | Tableau Software and the setup and deployment are somewhat dependent on your data sources, size of data and the way and number of users that will be looking at the visualizations.


          A detailed review of your organizations needs is best done by a member of that team. 


          If you do not have a Tableau Account manager contact yet, just click on that 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. 


          I hope that helps



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            Hi Patrick,


            Thanks for replying. we have Tableau Server but it may be the case that we are not using it to it's full potential.

            I'll contact our rep tomorrow.


            Are there any resources for how to use/organise server for better end user experience?


            Many thanks,



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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Edward -


              Do you happen to have links to the material that says "embedded stuff" doesn't get cached. That's not correct as far as I know - so I'd like to see the original source material.


              In terms of wrapping the dashboards in a sexy portal, you can do it yourself via the JavaScript API or IFrames, or leverage one of many 3rd party partners who are more than happy to sell you a good looking "wrapper":  For example, here's something from Interworks: Welcome to InterWorks Tableau Portal Demo | InterWorks Tableau Portal Demo


              This typically isn't a big deal or a hard thing to do. For example, here's something that Fannie Mae did with Tableau: Freddie Mac MiMi -- Metro



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                Hi Russell,


                Thanks for this.


                Here are the two threads that alerted me to the issue:

                Embedded Dashboards x Cache 

                Embedding and caching


                Embedding dashboards in our work SharePoint is the ideal option for us as its straightforward to do, looks pretty good, and colleagues already use the sharepoint regularly.


                I did some tests earlier today, putting the same dashboard both on the sharepoint and on the server and could see any noticeable difference in performance between the two which was interesting and reassuring to see.


                Kind Regards,



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                  Russell Christopher

                  I looked at this a little bit more closely, and it worked as expected for me (which pretty much matches your results);


                  I executed a dashboard (which takes about 20 seconds to render - fires a bunch of heavy Redshift Queries) 5 times:


                  • First time: Interactively in the portal.
                  • Second time: In an HTML page via JavaScript using a specific user's identity for authentication
                  • Third time: In an HTML page using an IFRAME
                  • Fourth time: In an HTML page using an IFRAME AND using the embed=y parameter
                  • Fifth time: in an HTML page using an IFRAME AND the embed=y AND refresh=y parameters



                  Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 5.33.16 PM.png


                  As you can see, rendering is not hitting cache during executions 1 and 5. We hit the cache for executions 2, 3, 4.


                  Here are the (parsed) logs sitting in postgres. They tell the story pretty well.


                  Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 5.43.08 PM.png


                  Beginning at 16:53, you can see 5 query id's in a row (0-4) which represent different queries being executed against Redshift. They all share the same vizql session id, so you know they are coming "together"


                  Then, at 16:55, 16:57.04- .05 and 16:57.17, you see some literal caching going on for 3 other vizqlsessions


                  Finally, at 16:58, more "real" queries get executed...

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                    Thanks for your time on this Russell.


                    It's great to get this confirmed and with such detailed backup.