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    How can I calculate difference between dates in the same column but different categories?

    Dan Hong

      I'm sure someone will point out that this is a basic reshaping problem, but I guess I'm poor at Googling, so I'm offering my question up to the gods of Stack Overflow.


      My problem is that I want to calculate the number of days between two dates (of Rank 1 and 2) that come from the same column but have different values in another column (Rank). Here's an example of the dataset schema:


          User   Date              Rank

          Bob    2016-12-01      3

          Bob    2016-12-07      2

          Bob    2016-12-10      1


      What I would like is this:


          User   Date1            Date2           DaysBetween

          Bob    2016-12-07   2016-12-10            3


      Ideally, I want to do this in Tableau, but SQL/BigQuery is OK, too.