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    bar values calculation

    indy poo

      Hi Gurus,


      I have a bar chart with 3 colors Green Yellow and Red with values here as %.


      I want derive the formulas with the values of the bar.


      1. Aggregation of colors into 3 colors on top as the status with all same color values agggregation.

      2.another formula is Aggration of Green - Aggregation of Red  with is NPS here in this case.


      Right now i am doing this manually but i need to make this dynamic for all the filter values.


      Any one who know this would be greatly helpful.




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Indy,


          You're going to need to be a lot more specific for us to help you, I had these questions about each of your two items.


          - Which colors are getting aggregated for what field(s)?

          - What are the conditions under which they are to be aggregated (i.e. what goes with what)?

          - What worksheet(s) are you talking about changing?

          - You describe that you need something to be dynamic but don't specify what that is?

          - What are the condition(s) that would change and how should the colors respond?


          Also, the data set looks like typical survey data that is "wide" in format, I suggest you check out Steve Wexler's posts at Visualizing Survey Data – Data Revelations . I'm thinking that reshaping your data as Steve advises would make the calculations easier to write (I can't tell without more details).



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            indy poo

            Hi Jonathan,


            Thanks for the reply. Attached is the package.


            I want to calculate the formula  % of Green color- % of Red color .


            Here in this case  81%-13% = 68% , need the formula for this one.


            Please help me how do I calculate this formula  from the bar values in this chart.