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    Getting a Single Line of Data

    Avinash Bheodari

      Hi Everyone,


      I was hoping the tableau community could help me out with a problem I am having.  I am working with a set of information which would look like the table below.  Because I am working with patient information, I cannot publish my workbook or the actual data for everyone to see.


      What I am trying to do for this data is find the first time the patient goes from a "Virtual" room to a "Physical" room.  The only problem is when I import my data it list the patient out and then all of the timestamps out.  I have cases, such as patient C, who would go from a virtual to physical room multiple times, but for that patient the only time stamp I want is when they go from a virtual to a physical room for the first time.  Any ideas as to how I can display what I am looking for so it tells me patient A came into a physical room at X, patient B came into a physical room at Y, and patient C came into a physical room at Z?


      I should also mention I cannot edit the table the data is in because the data comes from a tableau server that is managed through a 3rd party.


      Thank you everyone!




      PatientFrom RoomTo RoomTime Stamp
      ALobbyVirtual1/1/16 12:00 PM
      AVirtualVirtual1/1/16 12:01 PM
      AVirtualPhysical1/1/16 12:02 PM
      APhysicalDischarge1/1/16 12:03 PM
      BLobbyVirtual1/2/16 2:30 PM
      BVirtualPhysical1/2/16 2:35 AM
      BPhysicalDischarge1/2/16 2:40 AM
      CLobbyVirtual1/3/16 6:00 AM
      CVirtualVirtual1/3/16 6:01 AM
      CVirtualPhysical1/3/16 6:02 AM
      CPhysicalVirtual1/3/16 6:03 AM
      CVirtualPhysical1/3/16 6:04 AM
      CPhysicalDischarge1/3/16 6:05 AM