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    Group data by time period




      I'm pretty new to Tableau and still trying to learn all the features. I have three dimensions: Date, Order and Dept. I created a chart that shows Orders by each Dept. I have also created a filter on Date that lets me view those Orders by any time period.


      What I want to do is show all Orders by Dept on one chart but have the orders be grouped by date. I want the groups to be last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, >90 days (from the max date). So on one chart (Bar) you can see Orders by each Dept for the whole time period of the data source. Columns for each Dept will show the stacked groups (30/60/90/>90 days). I can't figure out how to group those orders by date. I have attached my Workbook. Any pointers would be appreciated.