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    Help with creating a calculated field for a Panel Chart in Tableau

    Emma Lonergan

      Hello all! Help needed!


      I was created the bar graph in the screenshot below but when i went to attach it to my document i realised it was too long - 357 rows long - this is just a snapshot of the top of the graph. Online I came across a panel chart which would enable me to show this graph over columns so it would be shorter - i was following the steps on this link: How to Create Small Multiple Line Charts in Tableau - YouTube  which was great, but I got as far as 5 minutes 04seconds (see screenshot 2), when i was trying to create a calculated field called sort - it wont accept it as i get the error attached in screenshot 2 - it says there is an error with the bracket - but this worked in the youtube video and i copied the calculation correctly - is there an alternative calculation that would be similar and wouldn't cause an error?


      I am so close to getting this graph working in columns which would be great as it would be shorter and I can then insert it into my document and it looks better!


      Can anyone please help me by advising me why I cant create a calculated field using this bracket? I have attached my tableau workbook incase you need it for reference. Screenshot 4 shows how far I have got to creating this chart, I am so close please help!


      Any advice much appreciated


      Screenshot 1:


      Screenshot 2:


      Screenshot 3:



      Screenshot 4: