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    Is there a way to adjust text labels for individual marks in a graph?

    Bob Liu

      So I currently have a line graph that shows quarterly data with a projection for any incomplete quarters. I want to differentiate between actual data and the projection by setting the projection line a different color. So I create 2 lines and stacked them on top of each other. The projection line in the background and actual data in the foreground. The 2 lines would overlap each other until the last quarter where the projected line would stick out. This all worked out great except when I want to display text labels at each point I would get double numbers. Is there a way to make the text labels only show up for one line?


      Here is some of the stuff I tried already:


      • I went to each node of the line and select "Marks Label" and then "Never Show" but for some reason that setting never stays. Anytime the data changes the setting would break and I have to do it all over again. Also I have a parameter that switches quarterly view to monthly view on demand and depends on which view I save the file as the setting for the other view would break. Like I select monthly view. save it. and the setting on the quarter view lines would break and vice versa.
      • Both axis are being used already so I can't put individual lines on each axis.


      This issue is driving me crazy because it seems so easy to fix but I just can't find a good solution for it. Any ideas would be appreciated.