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    Can I rename Tableau Server folders without breaking links to workbooks?

    Joe Proulx

      We have had our Tableau Server environment stood up for about 3 years, and we have our workbooks broken up into about 15 folders. As part of a larger governance project, we want to consolidate some of the unused folders and rename others. In some instances we will be renaming a folder but keeping workbooks in the same place, but for many other workbooks we'll use the 'move' functionality on Tableau Server to relocate workbooks into a newly-created folder.


      When I look at the URL of a workbook on Tableau Server, I see no mention of the folder name.


      So my question...are we ok to rename or create new folders and move existing workbooks into these folders without breaking the links people already have? Said another way...are there best practices for cleaning up & consolidating Tableau Server folders out there anywhere?