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    Tableau extracts

    Irina Zholudeva

      Hello, everybody! Please help me to understand how to work with extracts and workbooks.

      I have a database Microsoft SQL Server as a source of data. I made an extract of it and refresh it every week. To refresh the extract I open a workbook from which I created it and press “Refresh extract”.

      I also have other 5 packaged workbooks with reports which use this extract as a source of data. Connection to that extract is Live.

      But every time when I need to refresh data in my packaged workbooks it does not happen automatically. Though my extract is refreshed and contains new rows, my packaged workbook does not show it. It shows that it is connected to this:

      Для форума1.JPG

      It seems to me that it is a kind of “virtual copy” of my extract. Therefore, to refresh the packaged workbooks I add new data source, choose my extract, replace the data source and close that “virtual copy”.

        After I do this it’s written that the book is connected to that data extract, but after I save the packaged workbook it’s again written that it’s connected to “virtual copy”.

      Для форума2.JPG


      So how can I refresh data without replacing data source every time?

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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Irina,


          In the documentation for Packaged Workbooks you will find this explanation


          "Packaged workbooks contain the workbook along with a copy of any local file data sources and background images. The workbook is no longer linked to the original data sources and images."


          Try working with a non-packaged workbook that uses a live connection to fix it.

          For more information look at this page regarding packaged workbooks: Packaged Workbooks


          You can always change a packaged workbook to a non packaged workbook by choosing Save-As and changing the data type to .twb again.



          Hope this helps!




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            Irina Zholudeva

            Thank you for your answer, Matthias! I cannot change packaged workbook to workbook because other user are going to open it in Tableau Reader. So as far as I understand there is no way to keep packaged workbook updated without refreshing extract and changing the data source manually every time?

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              Matthias Goossens

              Hey Irina,


              If I understand it correctly then you are working with a Packaged Workbook that tries to have a live connection?

              Well Tableau (the company) is not stupid !


              They give an option to share Tableau Workbooks for free by offering Tableau Reader but the downside is the maintenance of the workbooks.

              In case you want all of this to happen automatically, you will need to have a Tableau Server.


              I'm afraid you don't really have a lot of options when you need to work with Tableau Workbooks in combination with Tableau Reader.