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    Query views using REST API not working as expected

    Sri Karuvada

      I have tableau server installed on my local PC and when I tried to query the views using REST API I was able to get all the views for the given site. In this particular query the contentUrl is empty ("").




      But when I call the same REST API to query views against my test/development server , I am getting the below error. The only difference in this one is, I provided the contentURL to get the token, SiteID, which I use it in the Query to get all the views.


      BTW - We are currently using Tableau v9.3 and I am using the site admin credentials in both the case. I am passing the token in request header. I am not sure what is that I am doing wrong. Any help is appreciated.





      <tsResponse xsi:schemaLocation="http://tableau.com/api http://tableau.com/api/ts-api-2.1.xsd" xmlns="http://tableau.com/api" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

         <error code="404003">

            <summary>Resource Not Found</summary>

            <detail>Unknown resource '/2.0/sites/404c16ce-9337-4de0-869f-52eb8c36dd3c/views' specified in URI.</detail>