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    all fields must be aggregate or constant multiple data sources

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hi all,


      I'm having the above as a problem in a calculated field.


      I'm using mutiple data sources (one, the primary source is a .Rdata file, the other are Excel files). Within this they all have column names indicating the "Business Unit" involved. I have setup a calculated field to establish which category the business units fall into. I have created a calculated field in my primary source as follows:


      if [Business Unit]="AC" or [Business Unit]="AH" or [Business Unit]="PH" or [Business Unit]="GH" Then "Corporate"

      Else "Retail"



      This works fine in the primary source.


      The issue is that I cannot 1) repeat the process of a calculated field in the secondary source using similar logic and make it appear on my chart (the sources need to be linked), and 2) I can't seem to enter code in the primary source to state that if a field in the secondary source has a certain value to align it as Corporate or Retail.


      Has anyone encountered this problem before and any advice to resolve?


      Many thanks,