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    Help with a data source that has multiple days as columns?

    Omar Davis

      Hi all,


      I've attempted to create a workbook using an Excel spreadsheet but I am out of ideas.  It is attached.


      Essentially, it is an employee shift schedule.  Various teams work various shifts to ensure both of our worksites are staffed at all times.  The nasty part of the data is that we have every day plotted out by column for the next year, and we need to be able to add days as we progress through time.


      The columns in the spreadsheet are as follows:

      NAME-COMPANY-SITE-TEAM-SHIFT-SHIFT ID (to determine rotating shifts)- [every day from now until a year from now]


      Within each day value is the individual employee's hours worked for that day (ex. 7:30-16:00).


      What I'd like to do is get a count of employees at each site for each hour of each day, so we can project out if we are ever going to have a shortage (this data source will eventually be joined with our time-off calendar).  Ideally, is there a way to join all of these day values into one 'DATE' dimension?  After that, possible to plot hours the way I have them in the data source?


      Possible?  Impossible?


      Appreciate any ideas!