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    Goal Data examples?

    Jessica Waydelis

      Does anyone have any examples of how they set up their data for employee goals before the input into tableau?


      I'm a bit of a newbie at this and I cant seem to get anything to make sense?


      I have department and individual goals for 3 different categories!




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          Matthew Risley



          What kind of goals are you trying to set? Sales goals, Production level goals, etc.?


          Your question is more on the vague side of things. Could you give us some more scope to what you are trying to achieve?




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            Jessica Waydelis

            Sales goals, I have a current workbook that has their actual sales (New Members for example) I then need to have it so it shows what their status is on the goal.


            I would need to be able to show it as percent to goal, and count to goal, as well as be able to change the time frame of them so I take our quarterly goal number and split it into months.


            Just not sure how to get started with the actual data of it, and then how to visualize it in tableau!


            Sorry for the vagueness, I read a post about new people being to vague immediately after I posted this!