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    Calendar details

    Kym Mercier

      Hi all:

      I am trying to create an interactive heatmap calendar and am having an issue.

           I have created a tab for "master dates" that include all dates in the next three years since my data does not have an item on every date

           I have blended this with my data table with all of my details.

           I have done a calculated count so I can see how many items fall on a certain date

           However, I am having trouble getting the results and details of that count. For instance you will see on Oct 25 it says " Count of12 reports due"... how do I drill down to a worksheet with the info specifically for      those 12 items?? I can get an action to go to all details but cannot seem to get my action to go to just the 12 as per my count.


      I apologize in advance for the ugliness of my data (its hard when I am trying to do a sample juist