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    Creating Custom Shapes w/o a Background

    Grant Wittenberg

      Hello again Tableau Community,


      I have used custom shapes for navigation buttons with backgroundless png files, but there is still a white background showing on the dashboard even when shading is set to "None".

      *Example file containing this issue is attached.


      If you have any ideas on how to remove or disable this, I would greatly appreciate the advice.


      Thank you for your time,


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Yeah I hear you. The issue you're running into is one I've been fighting for years. What you need is Transparent background for charts. And as you've discovered 'none' is not equal to 'transparent'; it's actually equal to white. Tableau considered implementing transparency a couple of years ago, but decided against it for whatever reason.


          You can get close to your vision by cutting circular alpha channel holes in your background image and then making it the front image. Dashboard 2 & 4 will look like you want. However 1 & 3 will contain white backgrounds within the circle area. Not great, but better than squares.


          There's a transparency Idea out there somewhere you can vote for, but philosophically I thinks it an uphill battle; it seems Tableau has made its decision -- 'transparency does NOT meet the Tableau best practices standard.'




          PS: Don't really know why. I wish the internal Tableau opponents to Transparency would come forward and present their case; so we can discuss it. Tracy Rodgers got anyone willing to engage on this issue?

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            Grant Wittenberg

            That is unfortunate that there isn't a more direction solution, but thank you for the work around and I will vote for the Transparency Idea.


            - Grant

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Tracy Rodgers or Tableau Community can anyone provide an 'opponent' inside Tableau who helped kill the ability to set a chart background to transparent? Is there someone willing to express what their winning argument was? It is difficult for us to argue against a silent ghost.


              It's my understanding that the feature can be implemented. In fact it was implemented a couple of years ago in a beta. But it was then killed because.... ? (I know the answer, but am bound by an NDA from disclosing it.)


              So let's hear from the folks inside Tableau that killed transparency, and why they killed it. Make your case, we're listening. Also, is there anyway we can get this issue 're-litigated'? How do we open this issue up again for discussion within Tableau?


              Thanks Tableau Community! Lately you've been great at connecting us to Tableau decision-makers (managers) in specific areas of interest. And they've been great at explaining their decisions, and with-standing the heat. As I told you privately Tracy, I think this 'connecting/engaging' internal folks with these sorts of discussion threads is the best new improvement in our forums in years!


              So connect me to those anti-transparency advocates and let's have it out in public! And let the best argument win!





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                Tracy Rodgers

                Let me see who I can find to get to reply on this thread!

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Tracy, you are sooooo cool! Happy holidays to you and all your staff! It is rather interesting that you and I joined the Tableau community at almost the exact same time. I've greatly enjoyed our forum journey together! (This is sounding like a Survivor final trip episode! )


                  I vote you for the million dollar best Tableau employee reward! (It wasn't even close.)