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    Filtering using parameter controls with a hierarchy

    Joshua Meadows

      Hi all,


      To try and keep things simple I have a hierarchy in my data set:


      Region --> Branch --> Associate


      I have created three worksheets that feed my dashboard.


      1. Region - shows region totals

      2. Branch - shows branch totals

      3. Associate - shows individual associate totals


      I have added a calculated field on the branch dimension (Lookup(min([Branch]),0)) so that I can apply a parameter control to the three worksheets in my dashboard. The goal is that I can use the parameter control to filter on a particular branch and yet maintain the corresponding region total.  The problem that I have run into is that my region worksheet is not applying filtering (the parameter control) correctly for all branches. It appears as though it is only taking the min(branch) for each region in the hierarchy so only one branch per region is working in the parameter control.


      I'm guessing that I need to tweak the calculated field to make this all work but am not sure what I'm missing.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!