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    Quick Filter Overriding an Action Filter

    Jacob Wasserman

      In the attached dashboards, you'll see that there are action filters set up on tables in the the "Overview," "Funding," "Program Schedules," and "Search" tabs--when you click on a row, the action filter will take you to the Project Detail page for that project. However, after the action filter brings you to the "Project Detail" tab, if you try to change to a different project using the quick filter in the upper left, only one of the worksheets changes, and the rest go blank. Is there a way for the quick filter to override the action filter, and change all the worksheets in the "Project Detail" tab? (Note that, along the way, I'd ideally like to avoid having the 'Project Detail" tab be completely unfiltered, because the page is intended to only display one project at a time).