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    Display top 10 based on three measures

    Abhinav Kumar

      Hi All,


      I want to display top 10 customers based on AVG(money spent), AVG(credit limit) and AVG(another measure). <I have made up the situation because of the confidentiality>

      Here the requirement is to find an individual average of all three measures and then find the top 10 customers based on individual averages.


      My Approach: Create 3 different sets of measures with Sum of Customers and put the three sets in the filter section. This approach seems to provide incorrect data.


      Can someone please help me with this. I am using Tableau 10.



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          Dan Huff

          Could you provide some mocked up data in a TWBX (packaged Tableau workbook) along with the results you'd expect to see? Either that, or can you elaborate on what you are doing with these three averages once you have them calculated to determine that the combo is one of the top values?


          One or both of these should help I or somebody else get you moving in the right direction.



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            Chandra Bhaskar

            Hi Abhinav,


            As per my understanding try this, it might be helped U,

            create two Calculated Fields Test, SrNo.

            1) Test-> AVG(money spent)+AVG(credit limit) +AVG(another measure)

            2) SrNo-> index()

            3) convert SrNo to  Discrete

            4) Use  on SrNo->Edit table Calculation-> Specific dimension->Custom Sort->Descending based on Test

            and sort Customer's in descending order  based on Test.


            might be some easy option available. i have tried this