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    How do I make reference bands only appear when the associated dimension filter is selected?

    Will Cosman

      I'm trying to track employee compensation as it relates to tenure. I'm trying to highlight the range of the salary grade that a group falls into. For example, if 10 people are a grade 48 then I want to highlight that range when I select "grade 48" and see where they fall within that range. I made a sad attempt at trying to do this with a reference band and parameter, but it didn't do what I was hoping. Ultimately I'm trying to make it so that when I select a grade from a filter the associated salary reference band is highlighted. I've even tried blending data to get this all to work...to no avail.


      I’ve attached some dummy data in a Tableau workbook, as well as some dummy salary grade data in an Excel spreadsheet to show what I'm trying to do, and what kind of salary grade data I'm trying to incorporate.


      Any Tableau experts who can lend a hand here would certainly be appreciated.