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    Federal Forms using Tableau?

    Elle Ristow

      Hi everyone,


      I was wondering if anyone has attempted to create federal forms such as NIH Other Support Form using Tableau.

      I am aware that Tableau wasn't built for this type of stuff, but I thought I would ask here just to see if anyone has given a try.



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          Tom W

          Hi Elle,

          I really don't understand what you would do in Tableau to replicate a word document like this. Tableau isn't a data entry tool, so you would need to source the data from a spreadsheet or database to start off with. Once you have that, sure you could make a tabular view of it in Tableau similar to the format in the document but it won't be 100% the same.


          This feels to me like you're trying to brush your teeth with a broom here. Pick the right tool for the job!