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    Selecting an Aggregate Max Value from a Range and then choosing the individual components that make up the Max Value?

    Mario Rocha

      1.     I have a database of thousands of products and their Daily on hand quantity for each day in a fiscal year.

      2.     I want to Filter that database for a select group of 50 products and find out what the some quantity qty on hand we had for the 50 products and select the date in each quarter with the Max qty of units for that


      3.     Once I know which date in each fiscal quarter has the maximum number of units, i want to know what is the number of units on hand of each of the 50 products i have on hand for that date. 


      The selections has to first be bound by the max total quantity on hand for those 50 products in the fiscal quarter and then indicate the units on hand for the max quantity date.



      Right now in Tableau i am simply getting teh max qty on hand for each of the 50 selected products in the fiscal quarter.