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    Dashed/Dotted line in Line Chart


      Hi All,


      I have a dual axis graph which has a stacked bar and a line on Y-axis and a dimension on X-axis. I want to make that line as dashed or dotted line. I know the work-around which is for continuous dimension (Date) on X-axis but I need solution for discrete dimension.

      Please help out!

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          Matthew Risley

          do you have a picture of what you have/need?


          You could change the line to "gant bars" or "circles", but I do not believe that is what you are asking for.

          You could also try getting "fancy" with having a constant/reference line and perhaps assign it to the value of what you are trying to graph.


          I'm unsure of why this would be a requirement, though. Could you give a brief explanation of why this needs to be done and there may be a better way of visualizing your requirement?




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            Hi Matthew,


            The requirement let say be: I have to show Sales & Profit for each customer in a chart. Sales would be bars and Profit would be line. So i made dual axis chart. But now the line which represents Profit needs to be little different than the regular line like dashed line or dotted line.

            I tried using reference line scoped for each cell but the lines don't get connected to each other which is not acceptable.