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    Handling Nulls

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      I have view like below..


      3 Measures which are calculated from 3 different columns. Each column is having 1 and nulls. if column is 1 then taking distinct count of Members. My Data is like in the attached excel sheet.


      for 2014 Year no visits are there. so view is becoming like empty.  if i am using else condition like below that else conditions drill down view showing some other numbers which are not related.



      ( if attr([AtRiskMembers])='1' then COUNTD([Member Key])

      ELSE 0

      END )


      I need to the Measure name with 0 which should not go to drill down if it it desnt have any data.


      Can any one help me on this, how to get this....