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    Top N Set giving extra rows with blanks

    Rahul Adlakha



      I have created a view with top n parent ids displaying information corresponding to current week and current month in the form of horizontal bars.

      There is another parameter Sort By that identifies and sorts the parent ids according to either of the two time periods i.e. current week or current month.

      I also have to show the sales for each child id corresponding to the parent, so I have dropped the child id in the detail marks and displayed the information using bubbles.


      Now the problem I am facing is that when i select Top=75, I get two extra parent ids, 77 instead of 75, in the bottom of the view and that too with blank value.Whereas they have value in the underlying data.

      If I select Top=100, the data for those 2 parent ids is fine, but comes blank for some other parent id.


      I have attached the workbook for your reference.



      Rahul Adlakha

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