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    Burn Out...

    Shawn Wallwork

      At some point aren't the best of us going to burn out?

      How long can we expect these wonderful, generous folks to continue...




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Shawn,


          I'm feeling similar feeling.

          But don't' be afraid too much.  There comes new people always.

          Some people find other interesting things than this community, which is starting new journey, not necessarily the Burn Out.  

          Still feeling something sad, though, not only this community but just in general.




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            Sujay Paranjpe

            Hi Shwan,


            You guys are doing amazing job. Its a lot to learn from your answers. Keep burning (and show us the path) ...dont burn out!




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              Ivan Young

              I'm impressed by the level of dedication people like you and Shin have in staying engaged in this forum.  I've been contributing for less than a year and have started to feel burnt out.  One of the reasons is the declining quality of the queries posted on this site.  It seems fewer and fewer have a packaged workbooks attached let alone data or useful screenshots.  Many posts are not even questions, as Alex Trebek wouldn't say, please phrase your question in the form of a question.  It seems there is an increased laziness or lack of articulation on this forum and in the technology space in general. 

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                Shinichiro Murakami



                I agree with the statement.

                It seems fewer and fewer have a packaged workbooks attached let alone data or useful screenshots. 

                That's the reason Simon post this one , but the situation is getting worse actually recently....

                Packaged workbooks: when, why, how


                However, actually that's not failure of the people who post the question. 

                And that's good thing if we have more people in the forum and they are helped/learning from the forum.

                The missing part is how to guide them initially as to : What is the best way to "Ask the questions."


                One quick proposal is 

                When people try to post the (especially the first) "Question", some guidance will show up    ????




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                  Tom W


                  I was going to post on the community forum just yesterday and ask 'do you guys think the quality of questions is getting worse recently?' referring to the lack of detail and absence of screenshots and especially TWBX. I didn't do it though because I thought it was just me on a particularly bad streak and I didn't want to complain.

                  I do have some thoughts on this and we're obviously bound by the limitations of the forum software, but clearly in my mind we need a better way or pushing people to review some guidelines before their first post. Tracy Rodgers / Patrick A Van Der Hyde can we please put this on the agenda for discussion in 2017 when we get the ambassadors together?

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                    Tracy Rodgers

                    Yes sir - I'll add it to the agenda!