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    December 2016 PHXTUG Meeting - Viz Contest

    Michael Perillo

      December 2016 PHXTUG Viz Contest

      Date: Saturday, 12/17/2016
      Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

      In the spirit of bringing people together for the holidays, the Tableau Community has teamed up with the Tableau Foundation to run a User Group Viz Contest throughout the month of December. This is our opportunity to show off PHXTUG data analytics and viz skills while generating awareness about the role mentorship can play in peoples' lives.

      The data for this contest surrounds My Brothers Keeper, an initiative focused on making the American Dream available to all boys and men of color by eliminating gaps in their opportunities and outcomes. Your findings will be shared with My Brothers Keeper to help support their mission and objectives which are outlined below.


      1. Entering School Ready to Learn
      2. Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade
      3. Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career
      4. Completing Post-Secondary Education or Training
      5. Successfully Entering the Workforce
      6. Reducing Violence and Providing a Second Chance

      What to Bring

      1. Bring a laptop (w/power source)
      2. Copy of Tableau Desktop Professional (trial is okay)
      3. Analytics, Storytelling and Visualization expertise

      Additional Info

      User Group Viz Contest!

      My Brother's Keeper

      * Pizza and Drinks will be served