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    Repeating Marked Values

    JGV Analytics

      Hello! I'm looking at a dataset that has number of website users acquired by medium. The data is organized by five different types (screenshot1), and sorted by one day of the week (screenshot2). When I create a line chart, I get multiple values around each point (screenshot3). When I move the values, they overlap with each other and basically present the number I'm looking for (as in the 29,528 value in the upper right). Stacking aggregate values gives one value, but stacks the multiple values to the point where it's not true (screenshot4).


      I think it's something to do with the date value because I'm only analyzing one day a week (which is presented as all the visitors from the previous 6 days). Is there a way to present the correct values, or should I try a new dataset with daily values and then go from there? Or is it something else?


      Thanks so much for any suggestions!