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    Possible workarounds for a database timeout issue


      Hi All,


      I am having a difficult time creating an HP Vertica extract due to a run-time limit set by my organization. I have a large query that is optimized as best as it can be, but it still exceeds the run-time limit so I can't get any data.


      Has anyone run into this issue at their workplace? I think the ideal solution would be to chunk up the query into multiple pieces and UNION them as one extract, but this feature isn't available yet from Tableau.


      My workaround outside of Tableau is to use R to loop through iterations of the query, and union (rbind) the results into one dataframe that I can export. But, this leaves me with the manual process of rerunning the R files, and re-publishing to server.


      I'd love to hear if anyone has encountered this before and if there is a manageable workaround.


      Thank you for your time,