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    Worksheet with filtered data not hiding

    Kevin Ruprecht



      I am working on creating a dashboard that allows the user to select between two sets of worksheets, each representing a KPI. I need the de-selected worksheets to shrink down and be hidden, which is not working for one type of worksheet within the attached packaged workbook.


      The dashboard is composed of four worksheets -- two "KPI" worksheets that display a number on Text and two worksheets that show a simple trend over time. I have a parameter that allows the user to switch between the two "KPIs" (profit and sales). The trend over time shrinks and appears appropriately as the user makes selections with the parameter. The worksheets with the KPI numbers inside them do not. The worksheets currently reside within a fixed-width horizontal container, but the behavior remains the same whether or not the two metric worksheets reside in a container.


      My primary question is this: why are the metric worksheets not shrinking when they are not showing data, like the trend over time worksheets are? I thought it might be related to the type of visual (text with a label), but switching the view to a bar chart did not change the behavior.