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    Using a filter action on db1 to drive contents on db2 that uses 2 datasources is not allowing for changes on db2 for 2nd datasource.

    Pamela Germain

      I have a dashboard with 4 charts that come from the one datasource. The headers for each chart are worksheets that have a filter action when clicked that takes you to a second dashboard. The second dashboard has a chart from one datasource and a crosstab list from a different datasource. When I click on a header on the first dashboard, the filter action works as expected and I see the correct data on the second dashboard for the chart and list. My issue is when I want to change the category on the second dashboard.


      There are 3 filters, Area, Site, Category.

      Area and Site are parameters that drive the selections for both datasources and show on both dashboards.

      Category is only an available filter on the second dashboard. (the first dashboard shows all categories)


      The idea is that a user will click on the header of one of the categories to take them to more detail on the second dashboard for that category. But once on the second dashboard, they should have the ability to change the category to something else and both the chart and the list update accordingly. This is not happening.


      I can't use a parameter, because then the action will not work.

      I can't use the filter from the chart or the list, because then only that chart or list updates.

      I can't use the action filter for the same reason as above.

      I can't use cross filtering, because it is across the entire workbook and not just selected worksheets (if this option were available this might actually solve my issue).


      I'm at a loss on how to achieve this. I've searched through the community, saw a few other articles where similar issues, but no resolution.  Attached is my sample workbook using 10.1.0.