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    What server do I need for this?

    Max Gurrola

      This is the list of virtual servers that I have available to get from the cloud (amazon)



      What I need is tableau to connect to the database that I am going to install there(mysql), 200,000 users and growing.

      Tableau is going to be generating some reports based on this database mainly using the table user which is 200k rows and the database is

      several GB big and growing... like 6 right now.


      My question is, what kind of server do I need to make tableau work fine getting data on real time.

      My guess is that it's not much as I did test on local machine which is ordinary and it worked fine when I installed mysql.


      Any recommendation for my requirements?

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          Tom W

          Hi Max,

          You should speak specifically to a 'dba' about this, preferably one with AWS experience. The reality is, Tableau will connect fine to any of these instances, even the smallest one. Some factors you'll need to consider:

          • Will you have other tools connecting to this? Will there be a realtime application sitting on top of this responsible for creating, adding to and editing the data?
          • How many users will be using Tableau realtime?
          • How many reports do you think you'll have?
          • How many queries do you imagine you'll be running per second or minute?
          • Do you currently have an internally hosted database? If so, what are the specs of that for comparison.


          Here's my general advice on AWS:

          • Do you really need an EC2 instance for this? Couldn't you just fire up an RDS instance and not worry about the overhead of installing and configuring MySql?
          • AWS is built to scale. If you start on the highest tier, do some analysis and find out you're not using anywhere near the capacity then you can pretty easily take a point in time backup, shut down your RDS instance and spin up from the backup on a different level tier. I'd personally recommend you start on a lower tier and size up as needed rather than going big, early.
          • You need to be conscious of security. If you don't know what you're doing, you're going to expose your database to the whole wide world and that could be pretty bad. Even if you lock down with secure user accounts, you'll end up using resources because hackers are going to be trying to brute force your DB's to guess the password. If your only application connecting directly to this DB will be Tableau, it should be easy enough to whitelist the IP Address range of your WAN/Tableau Server.
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            Max Gurrola

            Excellent explanation TOM very helpful, thanks!