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    Multiplied data values when joining data sources

    Eric Yun


      I am new in Tableau and your support is much appreciated.


      I have a multi-table data sources and there are in one-to-many relationship between the additional attributes (refer to attached)


      When I join the tables, I am getting multiple records,

      I can not obtain the value of SUM for Total Transactions (Tue) and Sum of Total Meals, these datasets are based on daily sales and it goes Tue >>Wed>>Thursday,,,,


      The problem is the data values is becoming doubled after adding the worksheet (joining the tables).


      “STORE DB” is the primary table that is being joined with “ProductSold” which has multiple sheets and I will need to add this sheet on every day.


      For instance] Store called “ALBION PARK” is supposed to have the figure 26 for Tue “Total Transactions” and 2 for Tus “Total Meals”

      But it is not showing the correct value on 'Total Transactions' for 'Tue' data,

      if only “Store DB” and “Tue” tables are joined, it shows the correct value but as soon as other tables adding, sales value for Tue becomes doubled.


      This is because all tables are having multiple rows with the same values, so when joining tables it duplicates.


      I was using SUM([Total Transactions])/COUNT ([Total Transactions]) in Measure Values but still the figure shows incorrect,


      Could you please help me out what I need to do to remove duplicate data?