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    Help me solve this.

    Nagaraj Ganiga



            I need to build the following sheet using Tableau Public 10.1 and the Sample superstore data set.

      I'm new to Tableau so please let me know if my requirement is confusing also please attach the solution workbook which I can open in Tableau Public


      Like in the above image I need to show New Customers, Retention Customers and % of Retention for each Segment.


      Contains two parameters (Year and Retention Gap).



      For Consumer:


      New Customers:

      New Customers are 64 in 2012. Means there are 64 new customers whose first purchase was in 2012.


      Retention Customers:

      Retention Customers are 46 for 1 year Retention Gap. Out of 64 New Customers, 46 customers are purchased again in 2013(because Selected Retention Gap in Parameter is 1 year).

      If we select Retention Gap is 2 years then we have to find:

      Out of 64 customers, how many customers are purchased again in 2014?


      % of Retention: 

      (Retention Customers/New Customers) * 100


      Please look at below images for more examples:

      Example 1:




      Example 2:




      Example 3:




      Thank you