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    Date filter on dashboard showing hours, instead of just days

    Itay Aizik

      Hi Everyone,


      I encountered an issue with Tableau desktop and online.

      I created a dashboard on Tableau desktop and added a date filter to the graph - the filter suppose to filter the data by dates:

      While on the desktop instance the filter shows only dates (as shown in the image above), on Tableau Online this filter shows as date+time (MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS):

      And I don't want the hour to be visible in the online dashboard.

      A note: the "date selector" field was built as a calculated filed using a parameter for days, weeks, month (Time Aggregation Level) as follows:

      CASE [Time Aggregation Level]

      WHEN 'Monthly' THEN [time (Months)]

      WHEN 'Weekly' THEN [time (Week numbers)]

      WHEN 'Daily' THEN [time (Days)]



      Did anyone had this issue before with date filtering?


      Thanks in advance,