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    How to find the fastest times in racing data?

    Glen Marumoto

      I need some help in trying to figure out how to develop the below graphic.  I have race data in a spreadsheet (notional example below) with runners in rows and the columns representing mileage segments with the time it took to complete the segment.  To get to the graphic the hard way would be to go row by row and highlight the cell with the fastest mileage segment.  Then using the data tab, go mileage segment by mileage segment selecting only the highlighted blocks, then calculating an average finish time for those highlighted segments.  I'm sure Tableau would be able to do this, I just can't figure out how.  Anyone got any ideas?



      Graphic Ex Tableau.JPG

      NameGenderAgeFinish Time5k Time10K Time15K Time20K Time25K Time30K Time35K Time
      Runner 1M504:15:3535:2440:2541:3041:2545:4550:4040:45
      Runner 2F243:55:4440:2541:3041:2535:2436:4537:2538:15
      Runner 3F555:20:1525:2222:3026:4035:5545:5050:5555:45