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    Creating Dynamic Measure Values Using Manually Entered Column Headers

    Cynthia Butler

      Would love some input / help on something I'm struggling with.  I need to recreate an Excel report inside of Tableau and I'm stuck with one thing.  This is what I'm trying to create:


      MeasuresCurrent YearPrior Year
      # Difference
      % Difference
      Measure 1Measure 1 - Current YearMeasure 1 - Prior YearMeasure 1 - (Current Year - Prior Year)Measure 1 - (Current Year/Prior Year - 1)
      Measure 2Measure 2 - Current YearMeasure 2 - Prior YearMeasure 2 - (Current Year - Prior Year)Measure 2 - (Current Year/Prior Year - 1)
      Measure 3etc...
      Measure 4etc...
      Measure 5etc...


      Because we have so many different measures and we want to keep the Current Year dynamic with a Parameter, I'm completely hitting a wall if this is even possible without having to create different calculated fields for each.  Also having measures running both vertical and horizontal is throwing me off.  If anyone has suggestions, very open to hearing them!


      Note: I can get Current Year / Prior year in there, no problem, but can't figure out how to add in the differences as well.


      Ideally, being able to create column headers directly in Tableau and having calculated fields for the measure values would be perfect, but can't figure out how to do that (if it's even possible).