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    Dynamic filtering based on generated list

    Michael Wisniewski



      I am looking to create a filter within Tableau that will generate a list that is then used to filter on another dataset.  Attached is my workbook to illustrate my example.  At a basic level, I have two tables, one is a wide table and the other is a stacked table of the same data.  My intention is to use the Stacked Table to filter on the Wide Table.  The only shared field between the two datasets is the "ID" field.  I wish to filter on "Company" from the Stacked Table and have the ID's associated with the filter on the Stacked Table to only appear on the Wide Table.  Example: I filter on just Company "ABC" on the Stacked Table which I want to translate to the Wide Table as only showing the ID's with ABC (i.e. ID's 1 and 4).  I know I can create a parameter, but that will not work in my real world example where I need to have a multi-company filter.  Any ideas or suggestions on how to achieve this?  Anyone else run into this problem that has a workaround?  Is there a way to pass a list of the ID's filtered from the Stacked Table to the Wide Table in Tableau?


      All help appreciated