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    Division and Calculated field problem

    hetal joshi



      I have two raw data tables with Visitor Information from three countries for three months

      RawDataA: Visiting_Month, Transporation_Mode, Visitor_Name, Country_Name

      RawDataB: Visiting_Month, Transportaion_Mode, Total_Visitor_Count


      Joining fields: Visitng_Month, Transportaion_Mode


      I want to create a calculated field showing Visitor Rate for each month.


      Formula for Visitor Rate = CountD(Visitors)/Sum(Total_Visitor_Count)   ---- (In excel)


      In order to get Visitor Rate I created two Calc. fields with LOD expressions

      LOD1: {FIXED [Mode]:COUNTD([Visitor])}

      LOD2: { FIXED [Mode] :SUM([Visitor Count])}

      In third calculated field using a DIV(LOD1, LOD2)


      But it gives me 0. I definitely am doing something wrong here.


      Any  guidance would be appreciated.


      Workbook and sample chart required attached.